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School Leaver Hoodies
£18.00 each printed hoodie (bulk order).
Once you have decided on the design we will need the full list of names on a Word or PDF document so that we can simply copy & paste these into our software, this will eliminate any spelling mistakes.
We will send you the design including the names inside the large year number so you can double check all is okay to proceed before we commence production.
You will need to send us a list of sizes for example , 10 x S, 10 x M etc & we will invoice you (the school).  We will require the payment to be settled before we proceed with the order. Once the payment has been received we will order in your hoodies from our supplier, print them up & deliver them to your school within 21 days. This way parents will need to pay you & collect from your school.
Kids Sizes
Ages 7-8 Years
Ages 9-11 Years
Ages 12-13 Years
Adults Sizes 
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School Leavers

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